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Winter sports hats are worn to protect you from the cold and should keep your head warm. Most... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ashmei Merino Beanie"

Winter sports hats are worn to protect you from the cold and should keep your head warm. Most hats do this too well and start to overheat you causing you to sweat more. The Men’s Merino Beanie is different as it has been designed to warm you but then maintain this warmth by regulating temperature keeping you comfortable so you don’t need to remove your hat several times during your workout. This has been achieved by using a performance yarn called merino wool which regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in freezing conditions but then cools you if you start to become too hot. The fabric used on the Men’s Merino Beanie has been developed to our own bespoke specification and includes stretch so that it fits snug to the head without the need for bulky adjusters. Because merino wool is heat regulating, if the Men’s Merino Beanie get wet in say a downpour, you don’t feel the chill associated with synthetic fibres as the merino wool starts to warm you instantly. It therefore makes the perfect choice for all winter running where you need protection from the cold and winter conditions. Ashmei blended this fabric so that the merino wool is constantly against the skin to aid the performance of the wicking, drying and heat regulation. The merino used in their Men’s Merino Beanie is from Australia and we only use superfine merino yarn, making sure that this is milled to our exacting standards. Specifying superfine merino eliminates the “prickle” feel often found with lower grade merino wool.

Fabric:. 39% Merino wool, 45% Nylon, 16% Spandex Features:. Merino mixed yarn for added warmth. Fast wicking merino wool for comfort and breathability. Balanced regulation of core body temperature. Reflective detailing. Flatlock seams Care Instructions:. Machine wash cool 30º. Wash dark colours separately. Do not use bleach or fabric conditioners. Line dry . Do not dry clean
COLOR: Grau, Navy, Rot, Schwarz
GENDER: Unisex
SPORT: Laufen, Training
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