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The Women’s NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket is one of our best sellers. Our customers love... mehr
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The Women’s NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket is one of our best sellers. Our customers love this piece, not just because it looks fantastic but because of how they feel when they run hard in it. When we designing this jacket we had to start with a blank page and we started with developing our own fabrics as nothing on the open market performed hard enough to keep you protected from the elements but also prevented you getting too hot and sweaty. The RED softshell running jackets material has been engineered to be 100% waterproof and windproof but we also specified maximum breathability so that it transported heat build up through the material before it condensed into moisture making the jacket damp inside. We then created a stretch merino material that we place on the back of the jacket. this material also allows excess heat to escape but the main benefit of this fabric is heat regulation, warming you if you run in freezing conditions but cooling you if you run in warmer climates. Merino wool is the only fibre that can do this, unlike synthetics that simply warm you up, making you sweat more. We selected a bright racing red for the softshell part of this jacket so that you can been seen when you run at dusk without looking like a road worker and introduced very reflective detailing so that you would be seen at night by car headlights or artificial light. The front zip, chest and rear stripe all illuminate at night when headlights catch this material, keeping you completely visible but without compromising some style. We have offset the front zip so that when the jacket is zipped to the top it rests to the side of the neck which is much more comfortable when you run than finishing the zip under the chin. The jacket also has some vented zips on the side panels to cool you and there is a zipped security pocket for your i-phone. We also included a small zipped pocket on the rear of the jacket for a gel, money or your keys. The sleeves are articulated to the bent arm position, making them very comfortable when you run and we included our 3 in 1 cuff so that you can completely cover the hand with the built in merino wool mitt in case conditions change and you forgot your gloves. The Women’s NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket is cut longer at the rear to help cover the small of your back and has a sticky gripper tape around the inside of the hem to prevent the jacket from riding up when you run.
GENDER: Herren
SPORT: Laufen, Training
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