Ashmei Nightrunner Softshell Running Jacket

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The Men’s NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket has been designed for late evening and dull winter... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ashmei Nightrunner Softshell Running Jacket"
The Men’s NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket has been designed for late evening and dull winter running. It has been developed using a highly visible and very breathable softshell material mixed with reflective detailing that illuminates you at night from passing traffic. The NIGHTRUNNER jacket has a tailored fit made from lightweight, softshell fabric that is waterproof, breathable and windprooof while a stretch merino wool on the back of the jacket allow any heat built up inside the jacket  to escape by regulating your core body temperature, warming you up when its below freezing or raining and cooling you when the sun shines, keeping you comfortable, whatever the conditions or how far you run. Combining the softshell and merino wool within one garment is a process we call 360º Mapping and ensures that key parts of the body are protected from the elements and also allows the garment to regulate temperature depending on the conditions. Both fabrics have been developed by ashmei to guarantee your comfort. We simply couldn’t find suitable stock fabrics and created both materials specifying the fibre mix, weight and handle to make sure the jacket was as breathable as possible but protected you from the worst conditions. The end result has resulted in the NIGHTRUNNER Softshell Running Jacket winning several gear tests and has become one of our best sellers. The front zip is offset to one side so that it does not irritate beards or pushing against the neck and we have added some front ventilation zips that allow cool air to circulate through the jacket to the rear vents. A zipped security or i-phone pocket allows you to safely carry your essentials and another small rear zipped pocket is ideal for gels, change or a key. The sleeves are articulated into the “typical” runners “bent arm” position and we have included our 3 in 1 cuff that has a built in winter mitt to protect your hand in case conditions change or you forgot your gloves. We tailored the NIGHTRUNNER slightly longer at the rear hem and included sticky grip tape around the inside of the hem to prevent the jacket from rising up when you run. ashmei performance running clothes use merino wool to outperform typical synthetic running clothing. Merino wool wicks moisture, dries fast and will never stink. This is the only yarn that regulates your body temperature, meaning that it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
GENDER: Herren
SPORT: Laufen, Training
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