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  The award winning Tempor helmet is designed to provide the cutting edge advantage needed... mehr
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  The award winning Tempor helmet is designed to provide the cutting edge advantage needed in time trial bike races. It has superior aerodynamic and safety performance and the EPS liner provides a high level of protection with increased thickness at the most exposed areas. In the development process, POC involved the Olympic time trial medalist Gustav Larsson and aerodynamic specialists from Semcon. POC’s new conceptual approach to aerodynamics and speed was to look at the rider as one body mass, rather than isolating the head from the rest of the body. POC also used advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis for evaluation and optimization. The two air intakes in the front reduce air resistance by leading the air through the helmet and past the shoulders. This airflow also provides generous ventilation. TECHNICAL FEATURES

  • High performance EPS liner, optimized in density
  • Aerodynamically superior design
  • Air intakes for reduced air resistance
  • Overlapping upper and lower shell for seamless protection
  • Detachable visor
  • Color finish: shiny

SIZES: M-L (55-58 cm), XL-XXL (59-62 cm) CERTIFIED: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203 WEIGHT:  450 G

COLOR: Orange
GENDER: Herren, Unisex
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